Event examples

 For example, I recently worked with the diverse team at Flüff (interior designers and other staff) to created large acrylic paintings. Flüff had access to large repurposed canvas surfaces of all different sizes. They were great for this event because people worked in teams and got to choose from the canvases. Any materials that your organization may have to use are fantastic! Projects can be based on repurposing materials. Even a space that needs to be painted (a mural?) or transformed in anyway can be a good “canvas” for a project. Working together as a team can be very rewarding. The artwork can have long-lasting effects on your workspace. The product can be a good reminder of the wonderful process.

Our evening: The staff was served snacks and drinks after work. They have a great space, which I set up with supplies and paint areas with easels. After an introduction and short workshop on acrylic painting techniques, people were grouped (in teams of 4) randomly. A theme was chosen (randomly again) out of participant’s thoughts and feelings in the moment. We played lively music and people worked together on their concepts. Some carefully planning out the steps and other groups just diving in with colour and texture. The results were beautiful! The bond that people felt with each other and also the creativity running through them was apparent. The paintings were displayed in a “gallery” style along the hallway of their office.