More about Meghan

My name is Meghan June Budd.

I was born and raised in Vancouver. I grew up within a loving family where laughter and imagination were encouraged. We lived close to the ocean and forest. Nature has always been deeply inspirational for me. Most summers growing up were spent on Mayne Island. I worked as a visual arts programmer and leader at an eco-camp for children there for many years. I also later got married on this island. Many memories and inspirations came from that special place.

Me on the far right with my best friends and neighbours. We lived mostly in an imaginary world and dressed up as different characters.

Me on the far right with my best friends and neighbours. We lived mostly in an imaginary world and dressed up as different characters.

I have always lived an ARTFUL life. Costumes, creations, imagination and photography filled my time. From the time I was a child, my imagination was boundless and relentless. In my early years, I explored acting and circus school and enjoyed both very much. I have channelled my creativity into many mediums, from Photography to jewellery design, and from dance to silk screening. I collaborated with friends to start a clothing company called INKSPOON that is still producing beautiful unique pieces today. Mixed media collage is a big part of my art practice. I love to obscure images by cutting away or adding. By combining imagery, I play around with the way it changes and offers magical harmony. I often use my own photography in collage projects. I enjoy adding colour and texture by painting over collage and sometimes include drawings or sew the paper or canvas to create line.

I attended Emily Carr University, majoring in Media arts.  During this time I collaborated with many friends and performed in many student projects. My first love of photography turned into moving images, including sound, and eventually integrated installation elements. One of my deepest inspirations comes from my late uncle, who left behind his camera and boxes of his images to me. Over the years I used many of his images in my own mixed media collages. I also used his SLR film camera for many years. In 2008 I put on a small show of his work as a project for school. The experience of the show was quite healing for me, like a ritual, or a memorial. His camera now sits in my antique camera collection. I have never been a technical photographer, but I believe that I understand the “art of seeing”.  

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Working with students in Grade one.
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I truly enjoy working with others. It deeply fulfils me because I never stop learning and being inspired by others. I was never one to work in isolation or take my works too seriously. Instead I saw my work as simply pieces of myself from points in times.  Through challenges in my life I have always found art making cathartic. I often explored self-portraiture. Possibly trying to see something in myself, or find something out about myself? My life took an amazing turn when I was 23. Before that it was not looking good for me. I chose to accept the help that I needed. Since then the awareness that I have found has been making things turn out far better than I could have imagined for myself. I continue to try to surrender and be the best ME I can be. After much self-discovery, I know that it’s ok to do what lights ME up and to embrace my authentic self! The art of living is in the process, not the product. My yoga practice keeps me balanced both mentally and physically. And being a mother has been the challenge and joy of my life.