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As a creative art facilitator I connect people to their creativity. I work with various people and organizations in and around Vancouver


Meghan Budd is a creative art facilitator working with various people and organizations in and around Vancouver. She facilitates creative expression workshops and works in collaboration with others to enhance wellness retreats with visual art. Working in all realms of visual art, she guides people through the creative process using open-ended themes and questions. Not just an artist, Meghan is also a teacher and a healer - using creative play and humour in her work.

- My workshops provide a fun and welcoming space where participants create freely and joyfully, learning as they play. Students can engage in art for the intrinsic healing properties.  I empower all ages to follow their ideas, take creative risks and immerse in the experience of creating (with little emphasis on the end result). Your journey in life and art is uniquely yours... it beckons you to explore and play, so open your heart to self-expression and self-love.



Great for team-building or as a party activity. We can design a custom event for you depending on your needs.


I will be collaborating with a dear friend, and owner of Unity Yoga, at her annual “Seeds of Change” retreat on Salt Spring Island.

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A day of Yoga, nourishment, and Art making. This restorative Sunday workshop connects you with your body, soul and creative mind. This mini-retreat held in Vancouver at Flüff Design’s warehouse gives you the opportunity to “get away” without  leaving the city. After a Yoga class and a healthy lunch, tap into your creativity and experience the flow of nonjudgmental artistic expression. Participants create a personal artwork based on their intentions to take home and enjoy.


Creative play is a series of workshops designed for you to explore and reconnect with your creative side. Here, you can let go of any limiting beliefs about your creativity and discover how creativity can work in your life. Creativity is a practice and a simple way to relax, to recharge, and to reflect. In these workshops you are encouraged to stop thinking so much and connect to your experience and intuition. In the Art studio you will gain skills but are also free to experiment with materials and express yourself in any capacity. You will be guided through workshops where you create individual, meaningful works.

The classroom space at  Flüff Design  is where I host my classes.  Easily accessible in East Van. @ 1121 William Street

The classroom space at Flüff Design is where I host my classes.

Easily accessible in East Van. @ 1121 William Street